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MODELING/Control/Design OF DC-DC Converters

PSpice Implementation

School of Electrical  Engineering,

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

Averaged Models in PSPICE Nik Din
Switch Models in PSPICE Nik Din
Dc-dc converters feedback and control Christophe Basso 2009
Designing Compensators for the Control of
Switching Power Supplies

Christophe Basso    2010
Small-Signal Modeling and Analytical
Analysis of Power Converters

Christophe Basso
Small-Signal Modeling at Work with Power Converters
Christophe Basso 2014
Closing the Feedback Loop through
Simulation and Analysis

Christophe Basso  2018
Standby power and efficiency improvement
over a wide load range

Christophe Basso N/A
Advances in Averaged Switch Modeling
and Simulation
Dragan Maksimovic
R W Erickson
A Primer on Simulation, Modeling, and Design of
the Control Loops of Switching Regulators
Dragan Maksimovic
   R W Erickson
Modeling approaches for switching

Giorgio Spiazzi
Control Design of PWM Converters:
The user Friendly Approach

Sam Ben Yaakov
Control Design of PWM Converters:
From Analog to Digital
Sam Ben Yaakov 2007

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