SKEE 4643

Modeling of Power Electronic Systems

Department of Energy Conversion,

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

Chapter 0

Switch Model

Buck,                                         Boost,                                Buck-boost.

Chapter 1

Averaged modeling (derivation)

Buck Averaged Model,            Boost Averaged Model ,        Buck-boost  Model.

Invariant Average Models:        Mosfet-Diode Pair                 PWM Switch

DC Analysis:

Buck DC Analysis,                  Boost DC Analysis,                 Buck-boost DC Analysis.

Accuracy of DC Model to evaluate losses

SECANT METHOD to calculate Duty Cycle


Ch3's Erickson: DC Steady-state Model Including parasitics

Reference Papers:

Voperian's Paper: PWM Model in CCM                       PWM Model in DCM

TI's notes: Buck,                 Boost,              Buck-boost.

Chapter 2

Small-signal modeling (derivation):

Buck Small-signal Model,      Boost Small-signal model,    Buck-boost Small-signal Model.

Small-signal Analysis:

Boost AC Analysis

Chapter 7,       Chapter 8,       Chapter 9        R W Erickson

Chapter 3

DC-DC Converter Feedback systems - VMC:


Block Diagram

Pole-zero Placement method         Examples: buck   boost  buck-boost

k-factor method            Examples: buck   boost  buck-boost

Design guide pole-zero placement for buck, boost and buck -boost

Design guide k-factor for buck, boost and buck-boost

Good References:

Compensator design   TI's notes

k-factor method by Venable


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