Power Electronics and Drives

SEM4413 and SEE4433                                       Semester: 01 2002/2003

What is new : Solution of  exercise#3 for no.4, no. 5, and no.6.  Posted : 4/8/2002

Syllabus and Policy

PSPICE Materials:  A Basic tutorial for orcad capture 9.1, A Tutorial for Schematics Version   9.1
                              Pemodelan SCR dalam Pspice
   A Guide to Simulating Power Electronics Circuits  
                              Simulation examples using ORCAD Capture 9.1
                              A Simple Guide to Orcad Capture

Student/Demo/Evaluation/Lite Version of Pspice (Version 9.1) can be downloaded here:   91pspstu.exe (28 Mbyte)
The Software in CD can also be obtained in Makmal Elektronik Kuasa.

1. Introduction

        What is Power Electronics? Definition
        What is the function of power electronics circuits? Function
        Classification of Power devices: summary
        Selected Properties of the ideal switch

        Chapter 1: Introduction to Power Electronics
        Chapter1: Outline
        Part 1: General Introduction
        Part 2: Some basic switch applications
        Part 3: Power Devices Characteristics
        Part 4: Switching Characteristics for Power Devices, Gate Drive Circuit and snubber.

        Notes From P. M. Dr. Zainal Salam       Extracted Version

        Extra Notes:

        http://schof.colorado.edu/~pwrelect/book/slides/slidedir.html, Chapter 4: Switch Realization

       http://www.powerdesigners.com/cgibin/design_center/techarticles, Power Devices Basics

        http://www.powerdesigners.com/InfoWeb/flash_tutorials/index.shtm, Switching Characteristics for Power Devices

        http://floridapec.engr.ucf.edu/workshops/nsf1999/presentations/batarseh/sld001.htm, Introduction to PE

        www.ece.umr.edu/areas/power/Energy_Course/energy/Pow_electronics/EE353Intro.pdf, Introduction to PE


2. AC to DC Converters

       Types of Rectifier, Analytical Approach
Rectifier Circuits  
Parameter Evaluations
: Average values of the output voltagesEquivalent Source and Fourier series + Examples
                                                    Power and Power FactorPower factor: summarry + Examples NEW

        Notes From P. M. Dr. Zainal Salam        Extracted Version

Simulasi PSpice dengan menggunakan Version 9.1 (Students/Evaluation)

Libraries for  the Student/Evaluation  Version contain a restricted numbers of model/subckt. Extra models/subckts are often required, especially for simulation of power electronic circuits. We can add a few  models (not more than 20) into the Pspice's libarary for our application. The created/customised Model/subckt (*.lib) and symbol (*.olb) could be placed in  Userlib Folder, the folder that is provided for it.

I  have made a few models for power electronic applications. I have zipped the files into Modellib.zip. The Modellib. zip contains two files: modellib1.lib and modellib1.olb. Place both files into the Userlib  folder . The Userlib folder is usuallly located at: {C:/Program files/Orcad_Demo/Pspice/Userlib}

Panduan memasukkan model: Dalam html   Dalam pdf

Chapter 4: Inverter

Inverters: SW, QSW, SPWM-Unipolar, Bipolar








Chapter 1: Snubber/Gate Drives



Chapter 2: Rectifier
1. Rectifier-diode.zip  
2. Rectifier-SCR.zip
3. Rectifier-3ph.zip  




Chapter 3: DC-DC Converter
Basic DC-DC Converters Buck, boost and buck-boost
Isolated DC-DC Converters Forward, Flyback, and Two switch Forward.




Due: 5/7/2002 (Jumaat)
Maximum pages: 7 pages NEW
Marks: 5% 

Senarai Nama dan No. Assignment

Circuit Numbers  
Circuit Descriptions  

Extra Materials for Assignment #1:
Circuit simulation as an aid in teaching the principles of power electronics
Simulation in Electrical Engineering with Pspice
Using PSpice with Word and Excel
Lab/Assignment Report Guide



3.  DC-DC Converters

Five Laws of Power Electronics Circuits

Extra Notes: 

       http://www.powerdesigners.com/cgibin/design_center/techarticles,   Dc-dc Converter basics    

Notes From P. M. Dr. Zainal Salam

Start-up waveforms for buck Converter

Buck Converter
Boost Converter
Buck-boost Converter
Isolated Version: Flyback and Forward

Asas Penukar DC-DC dan Penukar Buck: Modul Untuk METEOR
Penukar Boost: Modul untuk METEOR
Penukar Buck-boost: Modul untuk METEOR

No.4 Buck Converter: Solution NEW
No. 5 Boost  Converter: Solution NEW
No. 6 Buck-boost Converter: Solution NEW



Chapter 4: Inverter

Full Bridge topology 
Three phase topology
SPWM Generator 
SPWM-U: Experiments
SPWM-B: Experiments
SPWM-Ma or Fsine is varied NeW
SPWM, SW,QSW with filter
Sinusoidal PWM: Extra Notes
Inverter: Equivalent sources
Inverter: Fourier series


Who is who in Power Electronics

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