Projek PSM 1                                    Semester: 01 2002/2003

General Material:

1. Dc-dc Power Converters: R. W. Erickson
2. Understanding Buck Converter: TI's Notes
3. Understanding boost Converter: TI's Notes
4. Understanding buck-boost converter: TI's Notes
5. Advances in Averaged Switch Modeling and Simulation
6. Current Mode Vs Voltage Mode: TI's Notes, Ray Ridley
7. Control Loop Modelling Of Switching Power Supplies
8. Modelling and control of dc-dc converters, new


Control Method:

Voltage Mode Control

Peak Current Mode Control

Average Current Mode Control

Switching Power Supply Design: a Brief, Analogy Inc.

Practical Design Considerations in Current Mode Control Power Supply

Average Current Mode Control Of Switching Power Supply

Designing With the TL5001 PWM Controller

Average Current Mode Control Of Switching Power Supply


Simulation and Modeling During the Design Process Improve Power Converter Performance: Steve Chwirka 

A new, continuous-time model for current-mode control: Ray Ridley


Benchmark Dc-dc Converters for Comparisons



Theses Links:

2., new


Measurement Equipment:

Oscilloscope: A simple explanation 

Other Material links:

Notes by Prof. Ramanayanan

Notes by Dusan Boroyevics

Technical Writing:

Writing Guidelines
Writing Exercise

PCB layout Designing

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Technical Writing