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1.  Switching amplifier Designs

2.  Adding Capacitors to your Power Supply Apr2001designer

3.  Verilog A Behavioral Model of Switching Power Supply (Cobep01_1.pdf)

Loop Gain Crossover Frequency (Jan_01_designer.pdf)

5.  History of Soft Switching (Jan_01_history.pdf)

6.  Current Mode Control Modelling (Jul_01_designer.pdf)

7.  JulyHistory

8.  CurrentMode Vs Voltage Mode Oct 2001

9.   Design and Simulation of Mechatronical System (report1_mob.pdf)

10.  Understanding Op Amp

11. Op Amp and Comparator, Don't Confuse Them

12. Buck Converter Reference Design

13.  Flyback Converter Reference Design