Switching Converters

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A word from Dr. Ray Ridley may tell us a thousand words on switching converters.

"To those new to switching power supplies, the inevitable question comes up: Look, your circuit has one power FET, one diode and a few comparators with some logic. Why can't you run a simulation and go straight to a production board?  The IC guys can do it, simulating 100,000 transistors or more, so WHAT'S THE PROBLEM? It's a good question. The answer is complex, and some of the reasons are presented below. But the reality is that there is no simulation program available that is going to do this for you. It will also not be available in the foreseeable future, regardless of your budget for computers, software, and an engineer to run them." 
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What is Power Electronics? 1, 2, 3


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13.  Power Electronic Notes
14.  Our selected Material
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Power Electronics Contributors:

This List is far from completed...

1. Middllebrook,  The State Space Averaged, Current Mode Control
2.  R. W. Erickson: Switch Averaged Model, Book in Power Electronics, Publications
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29.  Rudy Severns: Switching Converter Topology Classifications, Power Electronics History
30.  Jerrold Foutz: Switching Converters Homepage

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                     Manufacturers Related to Power Electronics               

1. Saber, analogy   , Literatures  
2. Pspice, Cadence , Literatures
3. Ispice, Intusoft, Literatures 
4. Caspoc, Power Electronics and Control Simulator  Caspoc Manual
5. (PSIM) Power Electronics Simulator  Manual PSIM
6. PSCAD (Power System Computer Aided Design)
7. VTB (Virtual Test Bed)
8. PLECS ( Piece-wise Linear Electrical Circuit Simulation)


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8. Innovatia Design Center



Component Manufacturers

1.  Texas Instrument, Literatures
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4. Fairchild, Literatures
5. Harris Semiconductor, Intersil
6. Microlinear
7. Telcom, Microchip
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9. Linear Technology


System Manufacturers

1.  Artesyn, Literatures1, Literatures2
2. Delta, Literatures
3. Synqor, Application Notes
4.  Teslaco
5. Tyco Electronics
6. Vicor
7.  Power-one
8. Kepco
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10. Power Paragon
11. Advance Transformer Co.


Power Electronics Books

1. Fundamental of Power Electronics, R. W. Erickson
2.  Element of Power Electronics, P. T. Krein
3.  PSpice Simulation of Power Electronics Circuits.
4. Switch Mode Power Supplies, by Chistophe Basso
5.  SMPS Simulation with SPICE 3 by Steven M. Sandler
6.  The SPICE Handbook of 50 Basic Circuits ,by Steven M. Sandler, on-line
7. PSpice Simulation of Power Electronics Circuits, R.S. Ramshaw & Derek Schuurman


PSpice Club

  PSpice Club, Malaysia

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